About us

Emile Facey and Jo Johnson established Jellymould in 2001 as a way to combine their creative skills and the team has grown over the years to include Ruth Timmins, Sophie Lazar and other designers, editors, proofreaders, UX designers, developers, testers and project managers.

We’re proud to support innovators, campaigners, service providers, artisans and creatives who make a positive impact.

While we’re focused on our clients’ goals, we believe that putting users’ needs at the centre of each project not only improves the end result, it also gives our clients a better return on their investment.


“Working with Jellymould is a treat. They are committed professionals but with a ‘human touch’. They provide creativity and are good listeners, tailoring their input to what you, the client, want.”
Kevin Ireland, London Housing Foundation and Compendium Consulting

Jellymould are simply great. They give you design that is stylish, user-friendly and on brand. Their communication skills, technical savvy and dependability make them ideal to work with. Highly recommended.”
Avi Soudack, brightroom.ca



“Emile is thoughtful, intelligent and sensitive and always challenges where necessary and comes up with creative solutions. I feel that every project we’ve collaborated on has been improved by his input.”
Angela Kallabis, Triangle


Get in touch

If you’d like to tell us about your work and find out how we might be able to help, send us a message and we’d be happy to arrange a call or meeting.