Emile Facey, director

Emile co-founded Jellymould with Jo Johnson in 2001. He is Jellymould’s design lead with more than 20 years experience in both digital and print media.


“Emile is a terrific designer, and very easy to work with. On the website projects we worked on: he understood what clients wanted, grasped the information architecture, was sympathetic to usability issues, knew how to deal with content managed material, and turned out great looking site designs.”
Avi Soudack, brightroom.ca

Emile is an adaptable designer who is equally interested in creating artwork for a record label, designing a website for a craft brewery, or a series of professional publications for a non-profit. He’s designed dozens of websites since 2001 and a number of web applications, including a social networking site for campaigners.

He’s a good listener, sensitive to the needs of his clients and their users and works collaboratively to reach the right end result.

From 2006 led an external design team for Triangle, creators of the Outcomes Star. Emile designed Triangle’s Outcomes Star brand, the Star Online web application and the original Star guidance materials. For more than a decade he oversaw the production of Outcomes Star publications, managing a team of Jellymould editors, typesetters and proofreaders to deliver a cutting edge, popular, quality product. Once the designs and production systems were established and the popularity of the Star was clear, Emile supported Triangle to recruit and train a staff designer in 2016, then in 2017, he collaborated with Triangle to enable them to manage production in-house. He continues to design the Star Online.


“Emile's designs, consultancy and UX input has helped us to create something that has continued to grow in popularity year on year. As well as providing a dependable, meticulous design and typesetting service for each of our 22 Outcomes Star publications, Emile designed our web application, the Star Online.

The principles of usability and a streamlined user experience that underlie all Emile’s designs are evident in this application. We frequently hear how easy the Star Online is to use and how much it enhances the work of our customers.
Joy MacKeith, Triangle