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Jellymould supports not-for-profits, social enterprises, companies and individuals to make an impact with their branding and create quality, user-focused materials, websites and apps.


Bring your ideas to life

“Triangle began working with Jellymould when they helped us develop the look and character of the Outcomes Star. From the outset, I was impressed with their sensitivity to our needs, the clarity of their design and focus on usability and accessibility. I’m proud to say that we have grown a range of more than 30 Stars, each with a consistency of style that Jellymould has been invaluable in maintaining and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Sara Burns, Triangle


Make it simple and fun

“Jellymould create interfaces that are simple, use plain English, follow intuitive steps and are satisfying to use.”
David Hewitt, Crisis

“Jellymould delivered an exciting, complex, multi-featured and deceptively easy-to-use social networking app for campaigners. Recommended!”
Harmit Kambo, Sheila MacKechnie Foundation


Increase your impact

“Our new website is clean, fresh and user-friendly. Since Jellymould launched it, we’ve had a huge increase in membership.”
Vicky Spencer, Alopecia UK


Solve problems in unexpected ways

“Jellymould’s analysis ensures we fully explore the objectives and potential solutions for each project.”
David Hewitt, Crisis


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If you’d like to tell us about your work and find out how we might be able to help, send us a message and we’d be happy to arrange a call or meeting.