Jo Johnson, director

Jo Johnson co-founded Jellymould with Emile Facey in 2001. As a manager and consultant, she leads teams to deliver high quality digital and print products and, as an early convert to user-centred design, she has contributed UX thinking to projects since 2004.


“Jo brings a conscientious and user-focused approach to every project, and our social enterprise has massively benefited from Jo's passion and skills in digital, content and design. Jo is an experienced project manager and team leader, going the extra mile to find solutions that work as effectively as possible.”
Sarah Owen, Triangle

Jo’s has a background in the voluntary sector and loves working with clients who make a positive impact on society.

She has extensive experience in application and website development and has led projects for clients including Crisis, The London Housing Foundation, Outcomes Star creators Triangle Social Enterprise and the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

She has been the head UX designer of the Triangle’s Star Online application since 2010 and its product manager since 2014. Over the past five years, Jellymould has supported Triangle as they have grown from a small consultancy to a substantial social enterprise with a staff team. During the last five years, we’ve helped them to identify roles, recruit and train new staff so they are able to take in-house the services we initially defined and delivered.

Jo is very proud to have helped Triangle create and manage this successful, viable and robust system and for the role Jellymould has played in the visual appeal, style and tone of the Outcomes Star – it has been a labour of love for us all. The experience has been an invaluable education and she’s excited to begin sharing the learning with other innovators.

“Jo has an unusual ability to think strategically and conceptually and at the same time show great thoroughness and attention to detail. As a product manager, I’ve appreciated her commitment to the sustainability, usability and quality of our web application, the Star Online. It’s fantastic to know that it’s in safe hands, that every new development will be handled carefully and thoughtfully, and that Jo will make sure that problems are responded to quickly. I also completely trust Jo to think about the Star Online’s customers and ultimately their service users, rather than Jellymould’s interests.”
Joy MacKeith, Triangle